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In the period of King Rama V, Princess Seeked, the princess from the vassal state who was brought to Thailand as a war prisoner and then branded the daughter of a rebel, is the most skillful weaver in the royal palace.Although life is full of sadness and injustice, one day she meets Prince Tad who falls for her beauty at first sight. Eventually, Princess Seeked also accepts Prince Tad’s advances.

However, the love of men in those times is just like dew — abundant in supply for a period of time but suddenly lost when morning arrives.

Soon Prince Tad falls for Princess Chay and decides to marry her, leaving a now pregnant Seeked with only a broken promise of marriage.

With vengeance in her heart, Princess Seeked completes weaving a golden brocade and places a curse of the fabric with tears full of bitterness. Then she kills herself.

In 2009, Bangkok, Maipim, a freshly graduated honors student obtains a job at an ancient fabric store, “Tard Thong Shop”, that belongs to her benefactor, Khun Pam, the reincarnation of Princess Chay.

All is well until one day, a mysterious man comes into the shop to sell an ancient brocade, and accidentally leaves the beautiful ancient brocade there. And with it, he also leaves the vengeful spirit of Princess Seekad, who still thirsts for the blood of the people who hurt her in the past.